We come from all over the world
with a mission to make the most versatile Brain MRI analysis tools.

Portrait photo of Robert Lauritzen, CEO og Co-founder

Robert Lauritzen

CEO and Co-founder

Responsible for commercials and operations. Over 25 years senior management experience executing large-scale life sciences projects and services.

Portrait photo of Mads Nielsen

Mads Nielsen (PhD)

CSO and Co-founder

Also Head of Department of Computer Science, University of Copenhagen and 300+ publications

Portrait photo of Askey Pai, Co-founder and CTO

Akshay Pai (PhD)

CTO and Co-founder

Product Development, Clinical Liaisons, Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning

Portrait photo of Henrik Müller, Chairman

Henrik Müller

Chairman of the Board

Extensive experience building a business, business angel investor and advisor, board member

Photo of Martin Lillholm

Martin Lillholm (PhD)

Head of Compliance &Regulatory Affairs and Co-founder

Data scientist and quality assurance management.

Photo of Erik Dam

Erik Dam (PhD)

Sr. Researcher and Co-founder

Image analysis, data science, and integration specialist. Also Head of the Data Science Lab at the University of Copenhagen.

Portrait photo of Rohan

Dr. Rohan Kashyape (MD)

Medical Advisor (India)

Chief radiologist consultant and MRI specialist. Also Director Radiologist at Medall Spark Nashik

Portrait photo of Søren Lauge

Lauge Sørensen (PhD)

Sr. Researcher

Data scientist and systems developer, development and integration.

Portrait photo of Therese

Therese Darum



Photo af Becky Low

Becky Low



Jon Middleton


Industrial PhD stud.

Portrait photo of Pengfei Daio

Pengfei Diao


PhD stud.

Foto af vores medarbejder Magnus

Magnus Johansen

Software Developer


Maria Bach Nielsen


Techno Anthropologist

Photo of Mates

Matas Kulkovas



Photo of Ionela Marinuta

Ionela Marinuta

Developer student assistant


Sofus Rischel

Medical student assistant

Process Consultant & AI Trainer

Dr. Anna Zhigalova MD

Medical Consultant & AI Trainer

Neurologist, dr. med.

Portrait of Joshua Szanyi

Dr. Joshua Szanyi MD

Medical Consultant & AI Trainer

Dr. Med.

Evelina Seduikyte

Process Consultant & AI Trainer

AI trainer and workflow process consultant

Nikolaj Høier

Medical student assistant

Process Consultant & AI Trainer

Foto af Tanja Danner

Tanja Danner Nielsen

Digital Advisor

Eksternal business developer from Stayrelevant-IT

Viet Nguyen (MSc)

Solution Architect

Enterprise, Solution and Systems Architect

Thomas Juhl Olesen

Chief Commercial Officer

International digital health executive with +15 years experience successfully commercializing and rapidly growing sales of novel healthcare technologies.

Dr. Kaining Sheng MD

Medical Consultant and AI trainer

Dr. Med.

Jacob Johansen


Industrial PhD stud.