Good health and well-being

Many more people today are living healthier lives than in the past decade. Nevertheless, people are still suffering needlessly from preventable diseases, and too many are dying prematurely. Medical imaging is a powerful tool and increasingly used to diagnose more diseases, faster. But radiology as we know it cannot keep up.

Radiology workflow

Cerebriu aim to help radiology work smarter.  This must start and end with the patient holistically, including the clinicians, and radiology in the transformation. Our solutions integrate into a streamlined workflow including real-time decision support during examination, triage and attention-based diagnostics support.

AI solutions

Our workflow solutions are powered by a deep-learning based AI platform that provide fully automated image quantification and biomarker indication. The deep-learning technology has more than 50+ years of research and practical application for clinical research behind it, award winning and well-proven.

Cerebriu – Key features:







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