Cerebriu is dedicated to improving workflow efficiency, quality and patient outcomes in diagnostic imaging.
Our CE-marked software solution, Cerebriu Apollo, achieves this by automating image acquisition protocols and triage during MRI brain acquisition. Through this process Cerebriu Apollo provides decision support at key stages of the diagnostic process. We offer workflow efficiency gains that result in improved productivity, better use of resources, and prioritization of the patients who need it most.

Benefits of Apollo from differing perspectives

Apollo Smart Protocol:
Locally configurable decision-making support during image acquisition ensures that the correct data is captured the first time the patient is in the MRI scanner. For your clinic, this translates to improved use of precious resources, safe and quality patient care, and your staff being able to focus on using their core expertise

Apollo Triage Advisor:
Prompt, automated detection of MRIs requiring urgent review by the radiologist or treating clinician supports your hospital to identify and prioritize patients requiring timely clinical intervention, improving patient care and safety. Identifying MRIs of low triage priority assists with patient flow, optimal use of clinic resources, and the avoidance of unnecessary admissions.  

Apollo Image Reporter:
Automated detection and overlay of pathology assist with prompt localization of lesions for both radiologists and non-radiologist medical staff. The results for your clinic are improved efficiency of MRI reporting, less reliance on specialist radiology services after hours by supporting junior medical staff in the diagnostic process, and the facilitation of more effective communication between all staff caring for your patients.

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